Potential pipe and gas leakage can be nerve-wracking to try and tackle on your own. We want to ensure that you are living in a safe and comfortable environment. We understand that each project is unique which is why we take a customized approach to best fit the situation's specific needs.

How accurate is your leak detection?

Our experts are trained to detect your leak within six feet of the issue. If we are unable to find your leak, we will return and locate it for free.

A six-foot detection is the standard for plumbing. Once a plumber arrives, they will be able to determine the exact location after they dig or break concrete in the area we detect.

Typically our technicians can locate the leak within one foot.

How do you detect leaks?

Using an array of non-invasive techniques along with industry technology, such as cameras and smoke, we are able to detect leaks occurring in sewer lines, gas lines, or water mains.

What do you do after you detect the leak?

Once the leak is detected, we will mark the location and inform you of the approximate size of the leak.

What if I have multiple leaks?

As pipes age or lines deteriorate it is possible to have multiple leaks. Once we detect the leaks, we will discuss the next steps and options to properly repair your lines. We strive to inform our clients so that they are properly prepared to make a solution decision. We do not recommend unnecessary courses of action.

You are veteran owned and operated?

One of the owners is a seasoned combat veteran who served in Afghanistan and Iraq and has awards for valor. Including him, and the operators, we employ technicians with a total of 44 years of military experience in the Infantry, Armor, and Artillery branches.

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