Here at Leak Pro, we specialize in detecting water pipe issues in any residential or business properties.

Faucets dripping, toilets leaking, and clogged drains are all factors that could indicate faulty water pipes. Our professional technicians are capable and well equipped to detect any leak in your water lines. To confirm whether or not you have a leak, our process involves pumping nitrogen air into the targeted line while our experienced technician listens through a highly sensitive microphone for any sounds of leakage.

Through these microphones, there is also the ability to listen to the water’s movement to pinpoint the potential leak’s exact location. We pride ourselves on being able to detect leaks below slabs and throughout sprinkler systems. Along with inspecting the structure of your water lines and pipes, our experts are able to accurately locate within 6 feet of the issue and mark your lines for any need. Contact us today to detect where your water leaks are.

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