Leak Pro is dedicated to serving the Columbus, Georgia area. We are dedicated to serving as your reliable and trusted leak detection experts. With our non-invasive techniques coupled with advanced detection technology, our trained team members are ready to provide peace of mind for the Columbus area.

Set along the Chattahoochee River, Columbus, Georgia is a destination spot for those that prefer getting outside. With riverfront activities, a variety of eateries, and shops, Columbus boasts an array of activities all are sure to enjoy. Other attractions such as the National Infantry Museum are also available to explore. Neighboring the Alabama border, this city is in close proximity to other cities that are perfect hosts for a fun weekend getaway.

Leak Pro services communities by providing water, gas, and sewage leak detection services. With over 16 years of diving experience, certified as a Dive Instructor, Dive Master, and Rescue Diver we are equipped to detect leaks and crack in pool and spa systems. Along with detecting a variety of leaks and cracks, we can properly install high-quality, long-lasting backflow systems.

Our experienced team is excited to serve those in the Columbus area. We are ready to provide excellent customer service and detection results for both residential and business properties. Call us today at 706-494-6503 or submit a form with any questions regarding our services.

House & Building Leaks

Water pipe leaks can cause significant damage to your residential or business property if not taken care of properly. Our professionals are experienced in detecting water leaks so that the best fit solution can be executed.

Pool & Spa Leaks

Pool and spa leaks have the potential to cause extensive damage, and can be very costly if not detected quickly and solved correctly. We employ trained experts that are able to closely evaluate your system and detect any leaks present.

Sewage Leaks

Damage to sewer lines such as clogging and leaks can lead to serious issues. Properly maintaining your sewer pipes and having them evaluated by professionals like us when problems do arise is vital to avoid extensive damage.

Gas Leaks

Gas leaks are not only dangerous to your residence or business, but they can be harmful to your health. Our knowledgeable experts are able to pinpoint the presence of a gas leak so that the proper precautions and solutions can be formed to ensure both you and your property are safe.

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