How accurate is your leak detection?

We guarantee we will find your leak within six feet, or we will return and locate for free.

How do you detect leaks?

We use a variety of non-invasive techniques, from cameras to smoke, we can find a leak in sewer lines, gas lines, or water mains.

What do you do after you detect leak?

We will mark the location and let the home or business owner know the approximate size of the leak


SIX feet seems very inprecise

Six feet is the standard for plumbing. If you call a plumber to come and fix the leak, they will be able to determine the exact location after they dig or break concrete. Some companies even offer the ability to repair pipes without digging or breaking concrete. 

What if I have more than one leak?

As pipes age or lines deteriorate it is possible to have multiple leaks. In this even we will see it with our cameras or other methods and tell you basic options. We give the home or business owner as much information as possible so that they may make an informed decision. We will never recommend an unnecessary course of action.

Your add said you are veteran owned and operated?

One of the owners is a seasoned combat veteran who served in Afghanistan and has awards for valor. Including him, and the operators we employ technicians with a total of 44 years of military experience in the Infantry, Armor, and Artillery branches.