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Obviously, we can state with perfect accuracy the amount of water one leak might waste, as not all leaks are created equal. For this post, however, I will demonstrate that even a small leak can be detrimental to the house and to the pocketbook.

Let's take one of the smallest noticeable leaks, one milliliter (1 ml/sec) a second. That's 1/30th of an ounce or about 1/6th of a teaspoon every second.

Water damage can get out of control quickly. From ruining drywall to staining carpets, water damage is never a good thing. Stopping the leak before it happens is the most important step you can take.

  • Visually inspect pipes for damage, sag, or cracks. If you have a healthy back and a crawl space, you are in luck, because you can inspect under the floor for any breaks. Slab owners might need to get an inspection camera involved. The good news is, most plumbing companies will warranty their sewers and main lines for around 20 years.

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