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Do you own a Britta or Pur water filter? How about a filter that sits in your fridge? Have you ever thought to yourself, wouldn't it be nice if you only had to change that cartridge once every few years? Wouldn't it be nice if your bathroom sink had the same water quality as your kitchen sink? Well, here's how and why you should get a whole house filtration system.

What is a whole house filtration system? As the title suggests, a whole house filtration system is a filter set that sits between the water main and the house. It is also sometimes referred to as a point of entry system or a POE system.

Water pressure is an amazing thing; it allows us to take showers and wash the grime of the day away, it also allows us to water our grass. However, water pressure that is too high can cause a multitude of issues. Appliances and fixtures are typically tested and approved for water pressure up to 80 Pounds Per Square Inch (PSI) or about 5.5 bars.

One of the telltale signs of high water pressure is a persistent drippy faucet. Have you had a plumber repair a dripping faucet, and within a couple of months to a year, it starts dripping again? Chances are, you have high water pressure. Fortunately, it is easily remedied by what professionals call a "PRV." A PRV, or a Pressure Reducing Valve, allows a plumber (or homeowner) to regulate the water pressure to a safe, yet functional, water pressure.

Sometimes it's necessary to rip everything out and start new again. If you have multiple leaks in a year, weird smells, strange dripping noises, and nasty water, then it might be time to repipe.

Repiping is exactly what the name says; replacing the old pipes in your house with new pipes. It's an expensive long process, especially if you do an entire house. The good news is, however, that with modern technology repiping will cost you a fraction of what it would have taken years ago.

Without water we, and all life as we know it cannot survive. Water sustains us, hydrates us, and can create beautiful landscapes. Unfortunately, water can also damage buildings, destroy homes, and even kill us.

When someone thinks of water damage, they generally think of floods caused by heavy rain, or pipes that have burst with an uncontrollable torrent of water. There is, however, a more insidious and subtle killer that can be caused by small continuous leaks; mold.

Leak Pro Southeast and other professional leak location services charge a premium rate to find leaks. They do this because the training and equipment cost a lot of money and time. Most leak detection services guarantee to find leaks within 8 or 6 feet of the leak. That includes leaks under a slab or in a wall. For these types of leaks, you almost always have to hire a pro. But the majority of the time, you need not waste money when you can do it yourself.

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