Due to the fact that natural gas is odorless, utility companies usually add a chemical to cause a rotten egg smell to better detect leaks. However, if your home or business has a small leak, it could go undetected if there is not a substantial level of odor. This can have damaging consequences including small fires, explosions, and health problems. The change in the level of oxygen available due to a natural gas leak can also cause respiratory problems, dizziness, nausea, eye and throat irritation, and other fatigue.

Gas leaks can be challenging to pinpoint and cause serious health problems if undiscovered. Here at Leak Pro, our professionals are experienced in performing gas leak tests to help ensure that your property or business is protected against damaged or loose pipes. We perform detailed air tests and utilize specialized electronic device methods to detect any airflow discrepancies and to confirm if there is a gas leak present. Once the location and presence of a gas leak is detected, a solution to ensure your safety can be formulated. If you suspect that you are experiencing a gas leak, do not hesitate to call us.

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