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Our experts utilize advanced technology and non-invasive methods to pinpoint leaks. We aim to ensure your safety and provide peace of mind.

Our Services

House & Building Leaks

Water pipe leaks can cause significant damage to your residential or business property if not taken care of properly. Our professionals are experienced in detecting water leaks so that the best fit solution can be executed.

Pool & Spa Leaks

Pool and spa leaks have the potential to cause extensive damage, and can be very costly if not detected quickly and solved correctly. We employ trained experts that are able to closely evaluate your system and detect any leaks present.

Sewage Leaks

Damage to sewer lines such as clogging and leaks can lead to serious issues. Properly maintaining your sewer pipes and having them evaluated by professionals like us when problems do arise is vital to avoid extensive damage.

Gas Leaks

Gas leaks are not only dangerous to your residence or business, but they can be harmful to your health. Our knowledgeable experts are able to pinpoint the presence of a gas leak so that the proper precautions and solutions can be formed to ensure both you and your property are safe.

Leak detection experts you can trust

Offering water, sewage, and gas leak detection services along with the ability to install backflow devices, Leak Pro is ready to serve you and ensure that your property is as safe as possible. Our non-invasive methods and specialized technology are able to inspect and detect any concern prior to it evolving into a damaging and costly issue.

Piping issues can be overwhelming but our professionals will work with you every step of the way to detect and locate the issue and its cause. We believe in providing our clients with high-quality products alongside superb reliable service.

Dependable Service

We pride ourselves on how we serve our customers. From detecting the initial problem to determining the best fit solution, our team is here for you every step of the way.

Certified Professionals

The leak detection sector is a specialty industry that is best served by knowledgeable professionals. Our team consists of individuals that are well versed in an array of certifications to ensure the highest quality service.

Peace of Mind

Through the use of non-invasive detection technology, we are able to pinpoint any issue and provide you with a solution that leaves your environment feeling safe and secure.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities. That is why our experienced professionals aim to provide all of our customers with outstanding service.

Advanced Technology

Our cutting-edge equipment and elite testing methods allow us to detect leaks thoroughly and efficiently to provide you with accurate leak solutions.

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